Sunday 12 July 2009

Earthquake and Injustice

Long back I heard this story from an authoritative person. During the time when Umer Ibn Khattab (raa) was Caliph, there was an earthquake in Mecca. Umar (raa) used to carry a small hunter with him. He immediately lashed the earth and said, "Have I done any injustice. If not why are you shaking". The earth stopped moving and the quake subsided. I couldnt find the reference or the exact story on the web. How would you compare this to modern world.

We can see that earthquakes are becoming quite common in China. Surprisingly they occur very close to when the geovernment opresses any of its minorities like the Tibetians or the Uighurs. Maybe these earthquakes are more than just normal phenomenas. Maybe its a warning from Allah.

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