Friday 24 May 2024

The Most Dangerous Kinds of People | Friday Khutbah | Nouman Ali Khan


This week's khutbah by Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan shares the harrowing reality of the people we may face in our lives, drawing examples from the life of the Messenger ﷺ and the enemies that surrounded him.

Pulling examples from Surahs Al-Qalam and Al-Haqqah, Ustadh illustrates two different types of war that was going on at the time: the ideological war vs the physical wars.

Ustadh's primary focus in this khutbah is to highlight the psychological warfare that the enemies of the Prophet ﷺ carried out to undermine him, his message and his legitimacy as a Prophet of God.

Most notably, Ustadh focuses on the most dangerous types of people that Allah warned the Messenger ﷺ about very early on, preparing him for those that would behave as friends but were otherwise planning his downfall with sneaky games and plots behind his back.

Thursday 23 May 2024

Gabor Mate: “Gaza occupies my heart!”


Gabor Mate tells Imran Garda that the ongoing war in Gaza has weighed heavily on him. A holocaust survivor and world-renowned expert on trauma, Mate talks about the impact of generational trauma in the conflict as well his journey from being a young Zionist to a critic of Israel and supporter of Palestinian rights.

He also discusses dehumanization, why the legacy of colonialism is a driver of extremism and explores how we can find healing in our “toxic” culture.

Gabor Mate’s website

Friday 10 May 2024

And the Oscar Goes To...Zio-Karens


Richard Medhurst has a combined following of roughly one million people online, and appears regularly on international news outlets including Al Jazeera, WikiLeaks, Black Agenda Report, Al Mayadeen, The Times, LBC, and others.

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Thursday 9 May 2024

'This is a Society Awash with War Criminals': Mehdi's Panel of Experts on Israel and Rafah


The Israeli military has officially begun to move into the southern Gazan city of Rafah, sending in tanks and taking control of the border crossing with Egypt. The looming full-scale invasion has already been called a “humanitarian nightmare” by the UN secretary-general.

In response to these escalations, Mehdi hosted a town hall for Zeteo paid subscribers with Israeli Holocaust scholar Raz Segal and Palestinian lawyer Diana Buttu.

Segal, who has previously called Israel’s war on Gaza a “textbook case of genocide,” explained to Mehdi why Israel’s assault on Gaza, and America’s support for it, is about so much more than those in power will ever admit.

Zeteo contributor Diana Buttu reminded viewers that Israel’s latest escalations in Rafah are, unfortunately, no surprise, stating that the invasion is what “Netanyahu always wanted.”

Wednesday 8 May 2024

‘Israeli Sociopathy Will Be Studied By Scientists’ - Palestinian Novelist Susan Abulhawa


Susan Abulhawa is a Palestinian American writer and human rights activist. She is the author of Mornings in Jenin, which was translated into 32 languages and sold more than a million copies, The Blue Between Sky And Water and Against the Loveless World. She is the founder of Playgrounds for Palestine and the executive director of Palestine Writes

Friday 3 May 2024

Israeli "commission" on 7 October rape claims exposed as fraud


In early December, the White House received Cochav Elkayam-Levy, whom it described in a press statement as the “Chair of Israel’s Civil Commission on October 7 Crimes by Hamas Against Women and Children.” The subject of multiple media profiles, Elkayam-Levy played a key role in giving international legitimacy to Israel’s baseless atrocity propaganda about mass rapes. But now Elkayam-Levy and her commission have been exposed as frauds.

Wednesday 1 May 2024

Exposing Government Cover-Ups With Forensic Architecture | Eyal Weizman talks to Ash Sarkar


It's not what you know; it's what you can prove. For years, Forensic Architecture has exposed state crimes against civilians, nature, and humanity. This week on Downstream, Ash Sarkar meets FA's director Eyal Weizman, to discuss Israel's settler colonial project, the police killing of Mark Duggan, and how the testimony of blindfolded torture victims helped construct a model of Bashar al-Assad's most notorious torture prison.