Wednesday 31 January 2024



 “They decapitated women and children” was the Independent’s headline. (The paper’s reporter later deleted the post on X that regurgitated that claim but the “special dispatch” on the beheaded babies is still on the Independent’s website).

The story also featured heavily in the broadcast realm on 11 October, with little room for any view of a conflicting nature.

On LBC, presenter Iain Dale expressed disgust at a caller who did not condemn what Dale referred to as “what Hamas did” including their “beheading babies” and furiously took him off air.

What started as a claim from Israeli military and media circles that lacked certainty was instantly transformed into an established fact by virtually the entire British media.

No evidence
In subsequent days, journalists at the scene in Israel continued to investigate the validity of the beheaded babies story. A French journalist in Kfar Aza reported that nobody had mentioned beheaded children to him.

Meanwhile, Oren Ziv, a prominent Israeli journalist, highlighted he had not seen any evidence to support the claims before adding that Israeli soldiers and the army’s spokesperson remained unable to confirm the allegations.

The White House quickly walked back on Biden’s earlier claim. It reiterated he had not in fact seen evidence of the beheaded babies he was convinced of less than 36 hours ago, making clear that the president’s comments were merely repeating Israeli news reports and officials.

However, there was little detectable appetite from the British media to change tack and report on this clarification in the ongoing story.

In fact, the newspapers had moved on completely. The zealous willingness to examine in scrupulous detail atrocities taking place on the ground and describing in vivid terms the violent acts, spectacularly disappeared.

Nor was there a lack of information to report on. By the time one week had passed since 7 October, more than 2,000 Palestinians had been murdered by Israel’s relentless military bombardment. At least 720 of them were children and around 450 were women.

But by this point, the British media had ditched the graphic images and were no longer interested in being the arbiters of what constitutes a massacre or terrorism and there was palpably no longer a need to make that clear to the public.


Tuesday 30 January 2024

Moment innocent civilian brandishing white flag in Gaza 'safe zone' is shot dead | ITV News


The English-speaking man lamented the fact that having fled Gaza City when this war began, the family were now running away again, this time abandoning Khan Younis to head for Rafah.

Their attempts to escape the war have taken them from the top of the Gaza Strip to the bottom.   

They are among hundreds of thousands of people hemmed in, with their backs to the Egyptian border and the IDF bearing down.

“Nowhere is safe in Gaza,” he told a cameraman working for ITV News.

Monday 29 January 2024

To the haram police!


 “It may also mean that your shaming of your brother for his sin is a greater and more severe sin than his sin for what it has of self-righteousness, jingoism, and inflation of the ego, as if proclaiming its own purity from sin, and that your brother is the only one who has fallen into it. In contrast, perhaps his being crushed by his sin, humility, meekness, self-reckoning, distance from the ailment of pretension, of arrogance and egotism, and his standing before God Almighty with his head down and body humble and heart broken, is more beneficial and better for him than your self-righteousness and ostentation, and [implied] expression of favor upon God and his creation. 

How near to God is such a sinner from the mercy of God and how near to God's wrath is such a braggart. For a sin that brings humility is dearer to Him than a righteous act accompanied by boastful self-righteousness. That you spend the night sleeping and wake up lamenting is better for you than if you spend the night standing in prayer and wake up self-righteous.
For a self-righteous man's deed is not raised [to heaven]. That you laugh and acknowledge your sins is better than if you weep and boast. The groan of sinners is dearer to Him than the proud, self-satisfied hum of worshippers. Perhaps God made him fall into this sin as a cure that brings out a lethal illness, but your illness still resides within undetected.”

[Madārij al-Sālikīn, vol. 1, Ibn Qayyim al-Jawzīyyah, translated by Ovamir Anjum in his splendid translation “Ranks of the Divine Seekers A Parallel English-Arabic Text. Volume 1 (Islamic Translation) (English and Arabic Edition)

Friday 26 January 2024

The Tragedy of Babri Masjid and Some Truth About Hindustan | Shaykh Dr. Yasir Qadhi


Life in Jerusalem under Israel's military dictatorship

Journalist Jeremy Loffredo visits the occupied East Jerusalem neighborhood of Sheikh Jarrah, a climate of unprecedented repression has descended since October 7. Loffredo documents settler terror attacks on businesses and speaks to local activists who tell him they fear arrest and beatings from Israeli police if they speak out against the assault on Gaza.

Wednesday 24 January 2024

Meet Meital Yaniv, Former Israeli Soldier Turned Anti-Zionist Organizer


Democracy Now speaks with anti-Zionist organizer and former IDF soldier from Tel Aviv Meital Yaniv, who joined hundreds of Jewish activists and their allies to shut down the California state Capitol in Sacramento Wednesday to demand a ceasefire in Gaza and condemn the roughly $600 million in California taxes that is used annually for U.S. military aid to Israel. Yaniv recalls how they were raised "extremely Zionistic," their experience in the Israeli Air Force and eventual turn to fight for Palestinian rights. "What Israel is doing right now has nothing to do with antisemitism. What Israel is doing right now is a genocide. What Israel has been doing for the past 75 years is apartheid, is occupation," Yaniv says. "There is no need for any one of us to serve in the IDF. The IDF should not exist. The state of Israel should not exist."

Friday 19 January 2024

When Laws Are Held Hostage | Khutbah by Dr. Omar Suleiman


The historical manipulation of sacred months in Makkah for unholy purposes and their weaponization against Prophet Muhammad ﷺ draws parallels with contemporary events involving ICJ judges, the UN Security Council, and US hegemony. Delve into the strategic misalignment of principles for political gain in both past and present times.

Wednesday 17 January 2024

Israeli General's Son: Why I Rejected Zionism - Miko Peled on Genocide, Palestine, And How This Ends


Miko Peled is absolutely extraordinary to listen to. An Israeli-American activist and author, his family were Israeli national heroes: his grandfather signed Israel's 1948 Declaration of Independence, and his father served as a general in the Six-Day War of 1967. Peled hear tells me about his journey away from Zionism, about how Palestinians are dehumanised, opposing the revising of history, the prospects of a genuine peaceful answer - and much more.

Friday 12 January 2024

Where Is Allah When The Ummah Hurts? | Dr. Omar Suleiman

When the Ummah screams and the tyrants laugh, some may say “where is Allah?” For years, the resilient Palestinians and others have endured unimaginable hardships, and the past several weeks of horrifying oppression may have shaken us to our core. How do we show complete trust in Allah even when our enemies claim He is absent?

Tuesday 9 January 2024

Saladin: The Conqueror of Jerusalem Episode 1

The story of Saladin Ayyubi, a prominent Muslim ruler of the 12th century. The chronicles of Saladin Ayyubi, a 12th-century Muslim ruler who aimed to unite the Muslim lands of Syria, northern Mesopotamia, Palestine, and Egypt against the Crusades, and the story of his conquest of Jerusalem. 

Monday 8 January 2024

La Ilaha Illa Allah: Islamic Meditation for the Soul

Enjoy an hour of Dhikr with La Ilaha Illa Allah, a moving nasheed by @Mohammad Bashir محمد بشير, presented in a lofi style to help you relax and focus on your spirituality. 

Friday 5 January 2024

Aisha (ra) – Abdal Hakim Murad: Paradigms of Leadership

Shaykh Abdal Hakim Murad covers the wife of the Prophet ﷺ, Umm al-Mu’mineen Aisha (ra), in this 25th instalment of his popular Paradigms of Leadership Lecture Series. 

Tuesday 2 January 2024

NY Times October 7 hoax exposed


Max Blumenthal and Aaron Mate meticulously debunk a New York Times article purporting to demonstrate that Hamas carried out a policy of sexual assault against Israelis on October 7, and demonstrate that the Times' Jeffrey Gettleman is guilty of journalistic malpractice and serving as a willing tool for the serially mendacious Israeli government.

Monday 1 January 2024

Genocidal intent: the case against Israel

The Grayzone's Max Blumenthal and Aaron Mate address the basis for South Africa's invocation of the Genocide Convention against the state of Israel, and discuss the clear evidence of genocidal intent expressed by Israeli military leadership.