Sunday 21 June 2009

France to bring in Burqa/Niqab ban in public

The French government appeared divided Friday, June 19, over a proposal to ban the donning the burka, a loose outfit covering the whole body from head to toe and wore by some Muslim women.

"If it were determined that wearing the burka is a submissive act, and that it is contrary to republican principles, well naturally parliament would have to drawn the necessary conclusions," Government Spokesman Luc Chatel said, reported Agence France Presse (AFP).

Chatel, who welcomed the proposal, has not rule out the possibility of passing a law in this regard.

"Why not," he wondered.

Communist MP Andre Gerin is spearheading the drive to set up a parliamentary commission to look into what he described as a growing number of women donning the burka in France.

His proposal is backed by some 58 MPs, many of whom are from President Nicolas Sarkozy's ruling Union for a Popular Movement (UMP) party.

The lawmakers are calling for a special inquiry into whether women who wear the burka or the niqab undermine French secularism and women's rights.

It is expected to come up for a vote in the National Assembly soon.

If the lower house agrees to set up the commission, it would draft a report to be released no later than November 30.

Muslim community leaders say that burka remains a rare exception among France's nearly seven million Muslims, the biggest Muslim minority in Europe.

According to AFP, there are no figures on the number of women who wear the full-body covering in France -- and whether it is on the rise.

In past, they have indirectly discriminated against women wearing Niqab by rejecting their citizenship.

Its been over 5 years now since they brought in Anti-Hijab law. Just makes me wonder what they will be doing next.

If you read history, the catholic church (backed by France ofcourse) used to pass all strange laws like Missionary position was the only permitted way to consummate relationship between couples. All other positions were considered sinful. Special permission was required in case of exceptions.

Maybe in near future they might say that when its summer women cant dress modestly, they need to dress like tarts.


  1. All Muslims will have to soon start drinking beer to integrate, lol :)

  2. Is France a secular society? That's news to me... if it is, how come Christmas/Easter and Easter Monday/Ascension/Pentecost/Whit Monday/Assumption Day/All Saints Day - are public holidays - [ie 8 out of 13 public holidays]??? To say nothing of Sundays also being holidays... All this anti-burka French rhetoric in the name of secularism, is prompted by racism!
    Lalu Hanuman,
    The atheist.

  3. The burka is not the problem. The problem is Islam. It is a religion of hate and violence.

    Look at Islamic societies. Look how Muslims treat others!

    Read the Quran! Note the anger, hate, discrimination and calls to violence (and the contradictions!).

    Better yet, read the ahadith and note how Mohammad attacked, plundered, killed, tortured, enslaved men women and children and let his men rape captive women. Note that these "Islamic traditions" were written by Muslims! Note that Muslims say "Praise be unto him" after Mohammed's name and consider him a geat moral, example. That should tell you all you need to know about Islam.


  4. Hi Kactuz,

    What you have posted is the same old rhetoric. I have answered this in Islam Awareness Homepage and many many Islamic schoalrs have said that this is not true but unfortunately you prefer to misquote rather than study it yourself.