Saturday 9 January 2010

US Muslims: “Not In Name of Islam”

As a young Nigerian accused of trying to blow up a US plane made his first court appearance, American Muslims came together to denounce terrorism, reported The Detroit News on Saturday, January 9.

"We are not going to let these terrorists hijack our religion," Majed Moughni, who moved to the Detroit area from Lebanon, said.

"We've been trying to recover from (the Sept. 11 terror attacks) for nine years. (This) comes right in our backyards, right over the heads of the largest Muslim population in North America."

Scores of American Muslims, Arabs and Nigerians rallied in cold weather in front of the federal courthouse in Detroit to speak out against terrorism.

Flying large American flags, the marchers carried signs reading “Islam is against terrorism”, “Not in the name of Islam” and “Not in Our Name”.

The march came as 23-year-old Nigerian suspect Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab pleaded not guilty in his first court appearance on Friday.

"At this time our client would like to enter a plea of not guilty," lawyer Miriam Siefer said.

Hobbled by leg irons, Abdulmutallab spoke softly from the dock to confirm his name, how it was spelt and his age.

Abdulmutallab is facing six charges, including attempted murder of 290 people on board a US-bound plane on Christmas Eve and trying to use a weapon of mass destruction.

He faces life imprisonment if convicted.

Wearing a white T-shirt, tan pants and tennis shoes, Abdulmutallab’s court appearance took less than three minutes.

"Do you understand the charges contained in the indictment?" Magistrate Mark Randon asked the young Nigerian.

"Yes I do," Abdulmutallab replied softly.

Randon asked Abdulmutallab if he understood the sentence associated with the charges, which could include life in prison.

"Yes, I do," Abdulmutallab said.


Does this sound familiar. Muslims have long said that Islam is against terrorism. This video on youtube is over 3 years old:

And this as well

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