Thursday 18 August 2011

Islamic Relief UK: East Africa Crisis Appeal - Children in Need

Please watch the video below- It's only around 2 minutes long. Alhumdulillah, we can never thank Allah enough for everything HE has given us. Please give how much you can inshAllah.

Ibn ‘Abbas (ra) narrated “Allah’s Messenger (peace be upon him) was the most generous of people and he was the most generous in the month of Ramadan, when Jibreel would meet him. Jibreel used to meet him every night of Ramadan to teach him the Quran.” This hadith emphasises the need to be generous in giving all kinds of charity in Ramadan, in addition to studying the Quran. It is also important to feed others, especially those with less. The Prophet (peace be upon him) said “whoever gives a fasting person (food or drink to break their fast), they will have similar to the reward of the one who fasted, without any decrease for the one who fasted.”

JazakAllah Khairun.

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