Saturday 3 October 2009

Ya Taybah Children Nasheed

In case someone wants to know what the song is about, the details as follows:

Tayba is the Nick name of Al Madina (Al Munawwara), the city of the prophet Mohammad PBUH.

ya tayba ya tayba ya dawa al-ayyana
eshta`nalik wil hawa nadana

O Tayba, O Tayba
O cure of the patient
we missed you, and passion has called us to you

lamma sar ilmarkab nasani
saro we`dam`i ma jafani
akhado albi ma` jinani
ya tayba ya teem alwalhana

As the ship departed, it forgot me
they sailed away and my tears never dried up
they took my heart and my soul with them
O Tayba, you're the distracted's love

qiblati baytu`llahi sabir
allani laki yawman za`ir
ya tura hal tarani nathir lil K`abah
w`toghmurni `bamana

My direction of prayer (my Qiblah), the house of Allah, I'm patient
perhaps a day will come to visit you
I wonder, Will I be looking upon alkaaba
and being overwhelmed with it's safety..

nabina aghla umniyati
azorak lo marra `b hayati
wib jiwarak salli salati
wathkur rabbi watlu `l Qurana

Our prophet, my best wishes, to visit u,
At least once in my life
and near you, to perform my prayers
to praise my Lord, and to recite Qur'an

bushrakil`Madina bushraki
biqudom ilHadi ya bushraki
fa hal li ma`wa fi himaki
atamalla fa`nnooru sabana
noorukom sabana

O Madina, How lucky you are
for the coming of the loadstar
May I have a shelter beside you
Indeed, your light has enchanted us

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