Monday 20 April 2009

Spanish people dont mind marrying foreigners

A new study by the IPF, the Institute for Family Policies, has revealed that one in every six marriages which take in place in Spain is with a spouse with foreign nationality. The total percentage is 17%, and it’s a continuance of the trend which Spain has been experiencing in recent years, up by 186% over 2000 to 2007.

The IPF forecasts numbers to be one in five in 2010 when, if the trend continues, a fifth of all the couples who marry that year will see a foreign spouse.

The figures for 2007 put Baleares at the top of the list, when 31.2% of all marriages on the islands were with a foreigner. 15,395 Spanish men married a foreign woman that year, and 2,193 of them chose a Brazilian bride. Colombian women, 1,593, were the second most popular choice as a foreign bride.

The favoured nationality for the 10,659 Spanish women who married a non-Spaniard in 2007 was Moroccan, with 1,364 such weddings taking place that year. Argentina took the second place, with 779 seƱoritas choosing a husband from that country.

The IPF President, Eduardo Hertfelder, says the figures are proof of the hospitable Spanish character and also show that Spaniards are open to integration.

A lot of Moroccans are Muslims and hopefully they are following Shariah procedures before these marriages. You can find what Islam says about marrying non-Muslims here.

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