Thursday 29 July 2010

Colne woman spat at mosque worshippers

WORSHIPPERS leaving a mosque in Colne were subjected to a tirade of racist abuse by a drunken woman who spat on them in the street, a court heard.

Brothers Quaram and Asim Majid were leaving the venue in Chapel Street on Wednesday when they were confronted by Emma Woods, Burnley magistrates were told.

Woods, 24, of Laithe Street, Colne, hurled abuse at the pair and repeatedly spat at them, as their 14-year-old nephew looked on, said prosecutor Bill Maude.

The brothers tried to walk away towards Albert Road and Colne Lane but Woods pursued them across the Pendle town, in scenes which were described in court as 'disgraceful'.

Woods admitted two offences of racially aggravated assault and breaching a suspended prison sentence order, also imposed for assault.

Magistrates jailed her for 146 days.

Mr Maude said the defendant continued to pursue the pair, as one of the brothers attempts to guide their 14-year-old nephew to safety.

Woods shouted: "No-one wants you here. Get out of our country. This is our town."

Mr Maude said it did not matter whether saliva had made contact with either of the brothers, as the attack still constituted an assault on them.

"It was a fairly disgusting display and something that was not only done to the two aggrieved parties but in the presence of their 14-year-old nephew," he added.

Nick Cassidy, defending, said his client, the mother of a two-year-old boy, had 'significant problems' and had been in care since the age of 10.

Before the offences in question, she had been in Colne town centre shopping with her mother.

But she had returned home and began drinking vodka, he added.

Mr Cassidy said: "She has no clear recollection of what happened but she is disgusted with herself and extremely remorseful for her actions."


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