Monday 19 July 2010

Catherine Heseltine Elected MPACUK's CEO

The Muslim Public Affairs Committee (MPACUK) is proud to announce that our new Chief Executive Officer is Catherine Heseltine. Since joining MPACUK in 2003, Catherine has made a consistently outstanding contribution to the work of the organisation. Her various roles have included working as the head of our campaigns team, appearing on television documentaries including Channel 4's 'Women Only Jihad', as a media spokesperson and mentoring new members.

Catherine is an English born revert to Islam and her election victory sets an historic precedent. In true pioneering spirit, MPACUK is the first British Muslim organisation to elect a woman as their CEO. We believe Catherine’s leadership will enhance MPACUK’s work in defending the civil rights of Muslims.

Catherine was born in 1978 and grew up in Islington, North London. She attended Westminster School and went on to do a BA in Education at Goldsmiths College, University of London. She became Muslim in 1999 while at University. She has worked for 10 years as a nursery teacher in London schools but is now taking on the role of CEO of MPACUK full-time. Her interests outside of her campaigning and community work include sports (tennis, sailing and skiing).

When asked about her historic achievement in being elected to lead a major national British Muslim organisation, she replied "I hope that this historic step will be a landmark in the development of a new wave of Muslim women leaders and will spark a revolution in the way Muslim women are enabled to contribute their talents in the service of both the Muslim community and wider society."

About MPACUK: The Muslim Public Affairs Committee is a civil rights group that campaigns on issues affecting Muslims in the UK and abroad. MPACUK runs Britain’s biggest Muslim website and has made numerous media appearances.

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  1. Mubarek,mashallah,good luck and wishes to Ms Heseltine.Smart decision MPACUK.

  2. The 15 year old girl condemned by Catherine Heseltine was very, very, wrong. Absolutely disgraceful. I am not a particularly religious man, just a proud-to- be British born working class person. Muslims, in fact peoples of any religion or nationality, are, in my opinion, welcome to these shores. In fact, as you know, many of them were born in this country. And they should be allowed to practice their religion free of any intimidation etc, as the majority work hard & are just as decent a citizen as anybody else. The only thing, Sir, that i am a bit unhappy about, is that a few months ago a small minority of Muslims were burning poppy's & waving placards that showed hatred towards British serviceman. And they were proved to be Muslims, Sir. It just saddens me that you allowed that to happen without one word of condemnation. People that speak or try to do harm to your followers are wrong, but what are we supposed to think of your double standards Sir. If one of your followers burned a copy of our Holy Bible, would you or Miss Heseltine be just as quick to condemn them. I'm afraid, Sir, that i think not.

  3. Its very easy and very lazy to make assumptions!