Monday 19 March 2012

British Muslim women willing to share husbands as they struggle to find good men

As they struggle to find suitable husbands, successful British Muslim women have shown a willingness to become second or third wives reports the British newspaper The Daily Mail.

The UK-based charity, Islamic Sharia Council, said that it is receiving a high number of queries from Muslim women struggling to find suitable partners, the newspaper reported Sunday.

In addition to the demographics working against Muslim women, the Daily Mail said that many of the women prefer to keep their high-profile jobs than look after their husbands.

Mizan Raja, 35, who organizes Muslim marriages around the world, told another British newspaper, The Sunday Times, that he has received hundreds of calls in the past six months from women asking about becoming second wives.

“The demand for these relationships is led by the women, not the men. In one generation women have become educated, entrepreneurial and professional.
“The Muslim community is struggling with this, how do you cope with women who wear trousers?” he said.

He added that many Muslim men just wanted a “homemaker”, to come home to a clean house and a plate of food on the table.

A report by The Guardian newspaper in January also collaborated how Muslim women in the UK were struggling to find suitable husbands. The paper described demographic imbalance where women outnumbered men, making the task of finding a partner that much harder.

While polygamy is illegal in the UK, Muslim men are allowed to take up to four wives.

Islam allows men to marry women from the Abrahamic faiths but Muslim women are not allowed to do the same unless the prospective men are willing to convert to Islam.

The Guardian said that Muslim men can marry women from their countries’ of origin whereas for Muslim women, “marrying men from their country of origin is rarely considered an option as they tend to want social, economic and intellectual equals or superiors.” source

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