Friday 15 April 2011

Love her, Hate him!


  1. Ya Allah!

    Lovely to hear what she had to say --and I had the opposite experience with him indeed!! Thank you for posting this great interview.

  2. OK, that guy is obviously not a good scholar! I've only been Muslim for less than 2 years and I know that in the Quran it says that if a person must speak to the prophets wives, it is better to ask them from behind a veil. He said that there was nothing in the Quran that mentioned face covering.

  3. "they're not being honest"??!?!?!?!!!

    well, they can say the same thing about the "jihadists" who do things not accordingly to quran but seemed to perpetuate it in the name of Islam. however, the wear of niqab is completely innoncent!!!! it doesn't intrude in other people's rights. and in malaysia, it is so not a ciltural thing. some pious girls/women who wear hijab actually dream to wear the niqab...because yes, it is a religious symbol too. and again, it's between them and God. who are we to say...