Tuesday 4 October 2016

Perplexed Muslim Misogynists Wonder Why Nobody Likes Them

confusedface Major lolllzzz!!
Muslim man shocked at being called a misogynist after telling women that their purpose in life is to procreate.

“But all I did was tell the truth,” he said, clearly bewildered at the vehemence of the accusations made against him. “Everyone knows that women were just not created to handle the difficulties of the public sphere. Finance, medicine, expressing opinions – all of that is really dangerous for a woman’s fragile psyche. Their delicate constitutions are more suitable towards gentler activities, like childbirth. There are, like, studies about it. I don’t know why saying that makes people think I hate women! I love my mother, she cooks the best biryani.”
His mother, last seen wondering whether it was too late to give him up for adoption at the age of 25, could not be reached for comment.

Senior Muslim lady warns ‘good Muslim boys’ to choose potential wives carefully.
“These modern girls, just look at how they behave, no shame, no shame!” she tutted reprovingly. “Going to college and then they think they can talk about politics and economics yet they don’t even know how to cook a good curry. My son is God’s gift to women; how is he supposed to find a good doctor wife when all these girls are studying nonsense like journalism and then they refuse to give up four years of education to have his babies?”
Her son Anjem, found peddling weed on a street corner, strongly agrees with his mother’s analysis. “There’s a marriage crisis, innit,” he commented sagely, then grew angry & chased off our reporters when they wouldn’t buy a ten gram baggie of skunky marijuana from him.

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