Wednesday 8 December 2010

Evil is not exclusive to one group

Last week I blogged about a mostly Muslim Asian gang being found guilty of grooming and abusing very young 'white' girls. Two days after that story broke that a mostly 'white' group of men in Cornwall was found guilty of similar offences.

Crimes against children are crimes against all of humanity and they are not exclusive to any one religion or ethnicity. Unfortunately the tabloid media in England did not see it that way. In the former case, the religion and ethnicity of the abusers was mentioned repeatedly, in the latter case of course it did not warrant a mention at all. This is of course fits in the with the Islamophobic divisive agenda of media moguls like Richard Desmond.

However it has to be said that the patriarchal nature of the British Muslim community and the offensive attitudes of some very backward Muslim men who seem to consider non-Muslim women 'game' and somehow deserving of exploitation have to be addressed. As a result of their valued status the behaviour of our sons if often ignored and excused. When is fact they should be held fully accountable for their actions and the high level of criminal activity that exists among them condemned as strongly as possible .

The Muslim prison population is three times that of the general public, it is true that factors of social deprivation and recent repressive laws affect this, however this is still a staggering figure. I truly believe this is the greatest 'fitnah' that affects our community. I wish others could understand that, instead of continually talking about how women dress, or the evils of listening to music and trimming beards etc.

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