Thursday 11 November 2021

To the broken hearted.....

Adam عليه السلام needed Hawa (Eve) عليه السلام to enjoy living in the Garden
- The need for love and intimacy is not codependency
Maryam’s عليه السلام greatest honor was being the mother of Esa عليه السلام
- Being a single mother is not a disgrace
Lut’s (Lot) عليه السلام wife didn’t listen to his instructions
- Even great partners can be betrayed by their spouses
Asiyah was killed by her husband, Pharoah
- Your abusive partner is not your fault
Ayyub عليه السلام battled sickness and repeated trials
- Chronic illness is nothing to be ashamed of
Nuh’s عليه السلام own son rejected him
- Effective parenting doesn’t guarantee successful children
Musa عليه السلام had to flee his homeland in pursuit of safety
- You can be a refugee or migrant and build a new home
Ibrahim’s عليه السلام father threatened to kill him
- You can overcome a bad childhood and oppressive parents
Zakariya عليه السلام struggled to have a child
- Infertility isn’t a sign that God is displeased with you
Yusuf عليه السلام was put in prison for something he didn’t do
- Sometimes innocent people are unjustly imprisoned
The Prophet Muhammad ﷺ was an orphan, a widower, and had to grieve the loss of his own children
- The best of mankind experienced these trials too
In your broken heartedness, remember that you are not alone
"Even if you have no one, you are in the care of ALLAH"

- Sister Naimah A
(From her book - In the belly of the whale)


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