Sunday 23 October 2011

The disgraceful British tabloids...

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  1. Are the British Tabloid really that bad? Lets review. Afterall it was the Libyan resistance/freedom fighters who themselves showcased the dead body of Gadaffi for several days. Just like a regular exibition.

    Though I am not personally fond of any tyrant, dictators or such be that Gadaffi, Hussain, Bin Laden or others, I don't find exibiting their dead bodies or bad condition as some sort of misplaced sense of victory any better. Thats like stooping to their level.

    In my understand of Islam one should not rejoice when somebody dies. That said I can understand the relief of many Libyans and for the Lockerbie victims.

    But I don't know. Images or showcasing dead bodies and the celebrations that followed don't quite sit well with me.

    But before one can point the blame towards the media, one should hold accountable those who enabled such images to flourish in the first place.

    Libyans who killed him showcased his body. For anybody to see. Hardly graceful.

    I would have preferred to see him alive going on trial with his sons for his actions against his own people in Hague.