Thursday 8 March 2018

Paul Moore guilty of horrific car attack against Muslims in Leicester

Paul Moore has been found guilty of the attempted murder of mother of 9, #ZaynabHussein.
He hit her with his car and ran over her twice breaking her pelvis, four vertebrae, arms and a leg.

Mrs. Hussein said: “I was walking on the footpath, minding my own business…it [the car] impacted me from behind”.
She added: “As I lay on the ground I could see blood coming from my head”.
Being unable to get up, she lay on the ground “completely helpless” for a number of minutes, after which she was hit a second time.
Mrs. Hussein said: “all of a sudden, a car ran over me and hit me a second time…I remember the impact and hear cracking sounds as though bones were breaking in my legs”.
Mrs. Hussein also said: “It was when a car hit me for the second time, I knew it was someone trying to kill me”.

Moore said he was "proud of himself" that he did Britain "a favour."
He then tried to knock over a 12-year-old Muslim girl.
She spoke of how the car was travelling at significant speed and had mounted the pavement. She stated that the car “scraped” her, throwing her bag “flying into the air”.

Racially and religiously aggravated hate crimes have seen a significant increase in the last few years over England and Wales, and in particular Leicestershire.
The Leicestershire police force reported 1,010 racially or religiously aggravated hate crimes in 2016/17 which is an increase of nearly 45% from the previous year (697).

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