Tuesday 23 May 2017

How are Muslims Portrayed in Hollywood OnePath Network OnePath Network

Muslims are arguably the most vilified group of people in the history of Hollywood. This article will reveal how Muslims are portrayed in Hollywood throughout its years in film production.
Since the emergence of Hollywood as the home of the U.S film industry, the various films made over the years have stolen the identity of numerous groups of people including the Muslim community. However, the consistency of negative Muslim stereotypes has remained from the earliest obscure Hollywood pictures to the most recent blockbuster action films.
The inheritance of exaggerated or fabricated images and tales from European travellers (200-150 years ago) have shaped the image of the Muslim we see today in our films. These images have become familiar within almost every film that depicts Muslims. So when Hollywood injects Muslims into their films they either cast them as:
  • The rich, amorous ‘sheikh’ that loves the white American women, with blue eyes and blonde hair.
  • The rich ‘sheikh’ who is trying to buy American Property.
  • The terrorist who is trying to end the American way of life.
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