Saturday 1 August 2020

‘Shahid’ (Witness) and ‘Mashhud’ (Witnessed) from Surah Al-Buruj

Surah Al-Burooj (The Towering Constellations) strengthened the heart of the Prophet (pbuh) and his followers by referring to the fate of those who tortured earlier believers. This video looks at Ayah 3 - 9 where Allah Azza wa Jall (Arabic: عزّ وجلّ - meaning Mighty and the Majestic; or: Glorified and Sublime be He.) talks about the Shahid (Witness) and Mashhud (Witnessed). This concept is explained with the example of trench-makers.

Various suggestions are made as to who these trench-makers were, among others, that they were those commanded to make a trench by a Jewish ruler of sixth-century Yemen in order to torture Christians, also that the passage could refer to Nimrod’s treatment of Abraham (Razi).

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