Wednesday 2 May 2018

The boycotts of Zionists and Zionism are working

Awesome FB post from @shiblizaman

The boycotts of Zionists and Zionism are working. Keep at it. The worst thing you can do is ease up. If you’ve shed a tear over a picture or video of innocents —often children— being brutalized by Israeli soldiers in Palestine then it is in vain if you won’t even do something as simple as refraining from partaking in companies, organizations and individuals who even implicitly (and at times clandestinely) support Zionism in any way, shape or form.
The Jews deserve a homeland that is safe and secure. Just like the early American settlers fleeing persecution deserved a homeland that was safe and secure. But the Palestinians didn’t and don’t deserve to be robbed of THEIR homeland and have it given to someone else. Nor did the Native Americans deserve to be slaughtered while they were thrown on “reservations” and their homelands taken away from them.
No humans are expendable and neither is their freedom of life and liberty. So don’t let them guilt you by saying “So you don’t believe Jews should have their own homeland?!” We Muslims gave the Jews safety and shelter and their own lands far before the Zionists dreamt of their genocide and usurpation of the Palestinian people and their land.
As soon as the Ottomans conquered Salonica, they immediately started repatriating the Jews who had fled the Spanish Inquisition and the persecution of Jews in Spain and elsewhere in Europe for years thereafter. The Ottomans even sent naval ships to rescue them from the coasts of Spain. Among the naval commanders of these ships was the infamous pirate, Jack Birdy (later immortalized in the character “Jack Sparrow” from “Pirates of the Caribbean”). Jews continued to settle there for literally hundreds of years and from the beginning onward consistently populated half, or a little than less than half, of Salonica.
Persian Jews had been settling in India with each wave of Muslim empires in the region. From the Ghaznavids to the Mughals, each empire brought in a huge number of Jews who settled along India’s western coast and became the country’s most illustrious traders. They were mostly Mizrahi Jews who were locally called “Baghdadi Jews”, though not all of the Jewish immigrants were Baghdadi Jews. They built synagogues, worshiped and practiced freely, and their settlements became a haven for Jews across the world who were looking for a better life.
And if you want to go back to the beginning, it was actually `Umar ibn al-Khattab, the second successor of the Prophet Muhammad (‎ﷺ), who began repatriating Jews to Palestine in the first place. There they lived far better than they ever did under Roman rule where they were constantly harassed and molested as “Christ killers”. Little did `Umar know that, though they lived there peacefully for hundreds of years, in the 20th Century they’d seek to conquer the land and expel its both Muslim and Christian indigenous populations.
So don’t let our opposition to Zionism which is a conquest movement at the expense of the Palestinian people be wantonly equated with resistance to Jews having a safe and secure homeland. That is false equivalence. They know it is and that’s why they cunningly employ it.
Keep the heat on. BDS (Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions) has been the only truly effective tool against Israeli aggression. It has, in many ways, completely outdone any armed resistance. There are efforts to make BDS illegal (a complete violation of freedom of speech, thought and expression) and, even now, the Zionists and their shills will try to sabotage your personal and professional lives for promoting it. But sustenance (“rizq”) is from God. So fear none but him. Keep ‘em quaking in their boots.

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