Sunday 21 January 2018

Bollywood and the Colonisers

I've always had issues with Bollywood, without a doubt the vibrance, the showcasing of culture in terms of dance,music and clothing I can appreciate, but the casual sexism, caricaturing of minorities/ethnicities and the stalkerish behavior shown as romance is really quite troubling.

There have been some truly masterful Bollywood films, I especially appreciated films depicting the fight against colonialism and the injustice of the British Raj and the struggle for freedom and independence. 

So its incredibly disheartening to see Bollywood host an unjust and oppressive child-murdering leader like Benyamin Netanyahu, this man boasted he would destroy any hope of a Palestinian state if elected to office. Such a shame Indians have forgotten those who struggled so hard to free their country from the shackles of colonialism and support a tyrant like this. But I guess it is to be expected in an increasingly ethno-nationalist India which brushes the oppression of  minorities under the carpet.

It's a shame so many have selective amnesia, they cannot recognize that the Palestinians struggle against the same oppression they once did. They want the same self-determination and freedom from colonizers that India gained. 

They cannot see the parallels between Jallianwala bagh and the daily targeting and shooting of innocent protesters. The many protesters arrested by the British Raj and the thousands of Palestinians especially children languishing in Israeli jails.

Moreover so many Indians work in Gulf they make money in Muslim countries yet become cheerleaders for the Zionist Apartheid state which would never allow them to work there. My respect for those that refused to meet Netanyahu they will be judged as on the right side of history. Especially disappointed in Amitabh Bachchan, he had the admiration of so many he could have used that to promote understanding, instead he supports a brazen war-criminal. 


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