Sunday 15 July 2012

Haram police and Cyber bullying

I really appreciated this comment from Egyptian Princess

This little doodle I made is intended to illustrate something that’s caught my attention lately. I can’t help but notice all the hate within the Tumblr Ummah, especially for Hijabis. Heck, I didn’t even know the word ”Hoejabi” before I started Tumblr. I can’t believe how negative people here are. 
     It seems like most Muslimahs on this site are magnets for Haram Police. (Thankfully, no one has said anything to me yet, but I figure it’s just a matter of time.) It’s astonishing, really, to see people say these things. ”You use bad language”, ”Your posts are un-Islamic”, and for people that post pictures of themselves, ”Your clothes are too tight”, or ”You wear makeup” or ”You do your eyebrows”, all the way up to ”You’re a slut”, there seems to be no shortage of things these people find to nitpick. The most annoying part is that this rarely happens in real life, but people find safety to say things like this behind their screens, on anon. 
     My qestion to the Haram Police is: Who made you an authority? You’re not a mufti/shaykh/’alim/mullah/imam, you’re just some kid with a computer. Nobody gave you the power to evaluate someone’s Muslim-ness. You don’t know what’s in a person’s heart, and therefore, you have no right to pass judgement. If your intention is to help your fellow Muslims, them by all means, do so. But please do so in a manner that is respectful and uncondescending, because as of now, all you’re doing is bullying. 

There’s enough people in the world that hate us, and we’re not making it any better by hating each other.


  1. I believe generally folks shouldn't engage in drive-by-da'awa like the poster is talking about. It serves little purpose but to engender a defensive attitude and ill will.

    However, I don't understand the now standard response of - 'Who made you an authority? You’re not a mufti/shaykh/’alim/mullah/imam, you’re just some kid with a computer'. I don't need to be a shaykh to know that a hijab is not about putting a piece of cloth on your head and wearing revealing clothing and acting immodestly. A basic understanding of Islam suffices to tell you that.

    A new response needs to be outlined in these situations - ie - the way you're conducting your da'awa is not appreciated by me but if you're sincere in offering me correct advice about my deen then I appreciate your efforts.

    1. Actually youre wrong "anonymous"! Ive seen too many victims of this CYBERBULLYING( IT IS CYBERBULLYING)
      you have no right to tell a person what clothes to wear. Go on Youtube vids of hijabis and u find these jealous females badmouthing Muslimahs! it all boils down to insecurity! people who feel threatened by a beautiful woman who happens to be muslim will attack her and try to use Islam to justify their despicable actions!
      Nobody has any authority/superiority over anyone! and anyone who disagrees with it is the "haram police" because they believe they have the right to dictate what people wear. How about you go to saudi arabia and see women harassed with niqab on while these saudi princes go and have lavish weddings with their brides wearing tube top dresses off the runway of Paris!
      humans are flawed, and when you give unnecessary power to a person or a group of people, they will abuse it!
      I know myself better than anyone, my parents raised me right! And I will be damned to have any little boy trying to chase me down with his twisted view of what a muslimah is!
      the world is full of niqabis,hijabis and non will not make someone feel a certain way or feel less than human because you cant respect people!
      Advice that isnt needed or asked for is not advice..its called being obnoxious.
      a way to degrade a human and to strip him to sub human is to shame him and make him feel like he's not worthy! thats what they are trying to do! shame these innocent muslimahs to "obedicance"
      calling her a bad word so that she falls on her knees and cries
      but that wont happen and you will never win! youre not anonymous to Allah subhanahuwatalaa..he knows you and your intentions trying to give out fake duas
      I knew of a girl who is Muslim and had been cyberattacked and called a slut and a KAFFRA/unbeliever by a muslim man who was upset she rejected his friend request. he said her clothes are unislamic and she is going to hell!
      you want to give ammo to these trolls? to these people who think its ok to bully WOMEN but never would dare touch a man! how disgusting!
      thank you for uploading this great article! I applaud you and I will link it to my facebook!

  2. very true,please do not worry we are not all idiots. some of us actually get more than enough DHA and can continue the conversation without such petty crap, they lack depth in their view and it is very sad. There are beautiful humans out there, just got to find them :) Asalamu alaikum