Thursday 21 January 2021


 1. It is sunnah to marry older women.
 2. It is sunnah to marry a divorced person.
 3. It is sunnah to marry a widow.
 4. It is sunnah to help women with household chores, such as cooking, cleaning, washing, etc.
 5. Put food in your wife's mouth as an expression of love.  (classified as a form of charity)
 6. It is sunnah to express your love, gratitude and respect to your wife.
 7. It is sunnah to forgive her for her mistakes.
 8. It is the sunnah to keep your wife looking good, to gift her, kiss her, foreplay with her, give her a seperate housing if you can afford it.
 9. It is a sunnah to try to know your wife's feelings and to comfort her when she needs it.
 10. It is a sunnah to have fun together.  (running, storytelling, sharing a happy occasion with her are well known examples)
 11. It is the sunnah to lie down and relax in your wife's lap, to smile at her, to compliment her, to flirt with her and let her play with your beard.
 12. It is sunnah to call your wife with beautiful names.
 13. It is a sunnah not to divulge her secrets to family or friends.
 14. It is the sunnah to love and respect the parents of one's wife.
15. It is the sunnah to protect your wife and your children from your toxic family or your mother and father if they are abusing her.
 Let us practice the sunnah in its entirety and not to measure.
🤲 May Allah bless Muslim women with Qawwam who fears Allah - Allahumma ameen!
The meaning of a Qawwam is a man who protects you financially, physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally. Who literally takes you under the fortress of his protection.

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