Thursday 16 September 2010

EDL burn Qur'an at London demonstration

EDL morons burn Qur'an, please note number of Israeli flags in the background.

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  1. burning of the Quran , the Israeli flags and the 'supposedly ' seprior 'white ' race .No surprise at all . Israel after all is the Colonization project of the west in the arabic east...

    It seem that Secular Europe can't get over Crusaders Legacy, when it come to Islam there are no Tolerance & no Respect. With all the attacks we Muslims take every day i found my self remembering the late Dr.Abdul-wahab Elmessir who studied the Western civilization and conclude that human rights , justice, equality, and peace only apply for westerners ... and used (human rights , justice, equality ) to intervene in the internal affairs of other States and to steal the wealth of these nations.

    " There are elements that characterize (distinguish) configuration of Western civilization has made genocide likely to lie in it, and not merely incidental, and was born within preparation to get rid of unwanted elements through the destruction in an orderly and planned "

    he said in his book ( Zionism and Nazism and the end of history )

    you will find facts in history proof that fact
    i can go on in this subject but i'd rather stop cause the truth hurts