Friday 29 December 2023

The world's double standards towards Gaza are utterly repulsive!

The world's double standards towards Gaza are utterly repulsive! - An Israeli child is killed, and the world uproars, yet over 10,000 Palestinian children are killed, and there's deafening silence! - Israel mistakenly executes three of its soldiers, and the world demands an immediate investigation. Meanwhile, the same army executes dozens of Palestinians daily without a word from this unjust world! - Hamas has dozens of captives, mostly soldiers, and the world everyday demands their release. Yet thousands of Palestinians have been imprisoned for years, and there are no calls. - The world supplies Israel with hundreds of weapon trucks while denying entry for water and milk to Gaza, letting two million Palestinians suffer in silence! - Israel kills two Palestinian Christian women in a church, and call for investigations pour in from Washington and Europe. Conversely, Israel destroys dozens of mosques with worshippers inside and burns hospitals, and Europe remains silent! This is a brutal, unjust world devoid of values and principles. I am ashamed to speak of the illusion of human rights!

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