Monday 11 December 2023

Israel's Propaganda is Getting INSANE (w/ Abby Martin)


Independent journalist Abby Martin has spent much of her career reporting on Israel's oppression of Palestinians, and was personally affected by anti-BDS legislation when she was disinvited from speaking at Georgia Southern University because she refused to sign an anti BDS pledge. Today, she joins Bad Faith to discuss the new wave of "hasbsra," or Israeli media manipulation, that has quickly shifted the focus from 40 imaginary beheaded babies, to a non-existant "command center" under Al-Shifa hospital, to "new" allegations of sexual assault on October 7th. Meanwhile, the media ignores dead Palestinian babies left to decompose in the NICU by Israeli soldiers, Palestinian children shot in cold blood in the West Bank, and the authoritarian bent of congress deeming anti-zionism anti-semitism. How do they get away with it all, and what's the current state of things on the ground in Gaza?

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