Monday 18 December 2023

From the River To The Sea, Palestine Will Be Free


Katherine Bogen is a 4th year PhD student in clinical psychology and a reconstructionist Jewish woman. She works at the intersections of violence prevention and human sexuality research, focusing on the development and robust evaluation of interventions to support sexual trauma survivors in living joyful, consensual, and fully-embodied intimate lives.

Raised in an American Jewish household by the son of a Holocaust survivor, Katherine was taught of the promise of Israel from early childhood. She studied Israel's Apartheid system and Jewish marginalization experiences in college, where she received her BA in Political Science and developed her pro-Palestine liberatory politic. She applies the insights from her doctoral program to the intergenerational trauma of Palestinians who have been systematically displaced, brutalized, and violated. As an activist and academic, she is dedicated to full safety and political enfranchisement for Palestinians and Jews, from the river to the sea.

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