Wednesday 14 April 2021

Hijab series by Maryam Amir


You have to understand the revolution Islam brought for women’s self worth and the worth men recognized in women. In the pre-Revelation era, women were inherited like property, men buried their baby daughters alive.

And then within two decades, women went from being inherited like objects to being inheritors. To owning businesses and economic agency. To being involved politically (think: bayah to the Prophet ﷺ in making hijrah, actively participating in wars and taking care of the wounded, being consulted in and witnesses of major political decisions and so much more). 

A daughter went from being a burden to becoming a means of entering Paradise if cared for and honored by her father. Women asked about and explained the fiqh of intimacy, not shamed in claiming their rights. They went from not having their voices acknowledged societally to having the Quran itself revealed in response to a woman whispering her complaint about her husband. A woman learned her worth was not connected to a comparison of herself with men, but that her worth was connected to God.
And imagine the shift for men. In just the span of a generation, men went from laughing at women to the powerful statement of Omar radi Allahu anhu: “By God, when we were in ignorance, we didn’t think of women until God revealed about them what He revealed and divided for them what was divided.” (Bukhari and Muslim)

Now, women were made counterparts by mandate of the Prophet of God ‎ﷺ himself, “Indeed women are partners of men.” (Abu Dawud)

Today, the shameful marginalization of women in some Muslim communities rival the times of ignorance in pre-Islamic Arabia, at times isolating her even in the architecture and infrastructure - not in what is often constructed to be the houses of men- but are actually the Houses of GOD.
But if women companions could find their worth and voices amplified, and if men companions could go from burying their daughters to recognizing women’s honor in just the span of two decades with the right accountability, commitment and mentorship-

Then imagine where we could be as an ummah if we truly returned to the teachings of the Divine Revelation and Prophetic narrations today


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