Friday 11 December 2015


Hajja Zaynab Al-Ghazzali’s life and legacy casts a long shadow over the turbulent and trying times in Egypt for advocates and champions of Islam during president Gamal Abdul-Nassir’s socialist reign.
The young Zaynab Al-Ghazzali was a visionary and a transformative agent in her day and age, by 18 she had already embraced, experienced and exited the Arab women’s feminist union in Egypt, turning away from a life of gender based activism towards a faith based mission that would span the rest of her living life.
Zaynab Al-Ghazzali sacrificed her Life, Love and Leisure for the cause of Islam and made it a contractual clause in her marriage to her husband, her influence and popularity interested the Arab socialist establishment and soon she was receiving invitations to join forces with the establishment in favour of president Nassir’s ideology but she refused and remained firm in her resolve.
Hajja Zaynab suffered and survived, she was imprisoned, tortured, stripped of her wealth, distanced from her relatives and routinely abused however her faith was unbreakable – during the darkest hours of her trials and tribulation in the dungeons of Nassir’s prisons Hajja Zaynab experienced several visions of the Prophet Muhammad (SalallAhu Aleihi wa Sallam) reassuring her that she was on the correct path. Join us as we retrace the footsteps of this exceptional pioneer, champion and role model for this generation and all those to come.

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