Thursday 31 August 2023

The Qareen in Islam: A Mysterious Companion


In Islam, a "qareen" refers to a concept associated with the belief in the existence of a personal, supernatural companion or "jinn" (genie) that is assigned to each human being from birth. This qareen is believed to be a constant companion to an individual throughout their life and is intimately aware of their thoughts, desires, and weaknesses.

Here are some key points to understand about the concept of the qareen in Islam:

Creation: According to Islamic tradition, the qareen is created by Allah alongside the human being. It is made from smokeless fire, similar to other jinn.

Influence: The qareen is thought to influence a person's thoughts and behavior, often trying to lead them astray or tempt them into sinful actions. It is considered a whisperer of evil thoughts and can incite negative emotions and desires.

Temptation and Test: The qareen is seen as a test for human beings. It is believed that it tempts individuals to commit sinful acts, and resisting these temptations is seen as a way of earning Allah's favor.

Protection Through Prayer: Islamic tradition teaches that seeking protection from Allah and reciting certain prayers and verses from the Quran can help shield an individual from the negative influence of their qareen.

Not to Be Confused with Guardian Angels: It's important to note that the concept of a qareen in Islam is distinct from the idea of guardian angels found in some other religious traditions. Guardian angels are seen as benevolent and protective, while the qareen is often perceived as a test or a source of temptation.

Repentance and Seeking Forgiveness: Islam teaches that repentance and seeking forgiveness for one's sins can weaken the influence of the qareen. When a person turns to Allah in sincere repentance, it is believed that their qareen may also encourage them to do good deeds.

It's important to understand that the belief in the qareen is rooted in Islamic folklore and is not universally accepted by all Muslims. Some Islamic scholars and schools of thought place more emphasis on this concept than others. Additionally, interpretations of the qareen's role and influence can vary among individuals and communities within the Muslim world.

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