Tuesday 18 May 2021

What can you do? (in the US) by Suhaib Webb


Here are six things we can do to support Palestinians: 

1. Contact your local representative and asked for his/her position on HR. 2590. 2.

 Ask your local representative to sanction Israel for crimes again humanity - ethnic cleansing, displacement, and the destruction of property and lives. If your representative claims ignorance, be prepared to share resources American Muslims for Palestine is an important resource you can use.

 3. Support relief efforts that provide Palestinians with the support they need to shoulder this incredible challenge. 

 4. Reach out to Palestinians and offer your platform for them to use and share their narrative. Familiarize yourself with the language they prefer, and when possible, step back and amplify their voices. They do not need that; they are doing excellent, but the louder the better, inshallah. 

5. Ask interfaith partners to take a moral stance on the issue. For years, interfaith "partners" across the spectrum have asked Muslims in American to explain terrorism or denounce violence. Don't be scared to make an ask. It will reveal who your true friends are. 

6. Don't blame yourself or the umma for these crimes. The Prophet صلى الله عليه وسلم stated, "What I have ordered you to do, do it as best you can." The real crime falls on Muslim "leadership," those who have political power. We do not; t is on them. Our burden is to work for justice within our capacity. The Muslim umma is good; Muslim governments, as are most governments, are out for something else: Profits, instead of Prophets. We pray for people across the globe from Afghanistan to Ethiopia, Muslims are being killed, displaced, and struggling for their humanity. Allah bless us to be strong, just, and sincere! All of these are Islamic issues, and with each demand, we try our best to support and help people harmed by power.

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