Thursday 9 May 2024

'This is a Society Awash with War Criminals': Mehdi's Panel of Experts on Israel and Rafah


The Israeli military has officially begun to move into the southern Gazan city of Rafah, sending in tanks and taking control of the border crossing with Egypt. The looming full-scale invasion has already been called a “humanitarian nightmare” by the UN secretary-general.

In response to these escalations, Mehdi hosted a town hall for Zeteo paid subscribers with Israeli Holocaust scholar Raz Segal and Palestinian lawyer Diana Buttu.

Segal, who has previously called Israel’s war on Gaza a “textbook case of genocide,” explained to Mehdi why Israel’s assault on Gaza, and America’s support for it, is about so much more than those in power will ever admit.

Zeteo contributor Diana Buttu reminded viewers that Israel’s latest escalations in Rafah are, unfortunately, no surprise, stating that the invasion is what “Netanyahu always wanted.”

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