Tuesday 25 July 2023



Today, I want to share some valuable advice with you. It's about reducing our dependence on and expectations from people as we go through different phases of life. Oftentimes, hurt, resentment, cynicism, and detachment arise because we place too much trust in others and expect too much from them. Instead, let's shift our focus and place our ultimate trust in Allah alone.

The wise words of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) remind us that seeking relief from people in times of difficulty will not bring true solace. However, when we seek relief from Allah, He will provide for us, either by quickly fulfilling our needs or bringing us peace through our trials.

So, let's take this advice to heart:

-Avoid asking people for money; instead, seek help from Allah.
-Don't rely on others to find a life partner for you; trust Allah's plan for your future.
-Refrain from coveting what others possess; be content with what Allah has provided for you.
-Limit excessive complaining to others; turn to Allah in prayer and seek His guidance.
-Stop seeking constant appreciation, love, and comfort from people; find solace in Allah's love and mercy.
-Don't expect others to treat you exactly as you treat them; instead, focus on being kind and selfless for Allah's sake.
-Release the fear of losing people; remember that Allah is always with you.

Ibn al-Qayyim wisely said that for everything a slave loses, there is a substitute, except when one loses Allah; nothing can replace Him.

The key is to strive for self-sufficiency and dependence on Allah alone. The Angel Jibreel reminded the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) that the nobility of a believer lies in prayer at night and independence from relying too much on others.

When we prioritize seeking Allah's help, love, and guidance, people will naturally be drawn to us. The more we ask Allah and depend on Him, the more He will love us in return.

Instead of relying on others for every need, the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) advised that it is better to work diligently and earn a living for oneself, without burdening others.

So, let's cut the rope of dependence on people and firmly hold onto the rope of Allah's support and love. Make sincere dua (supplication) to Allah to free you from the need for others, and focus on being a giver, a healer, and a helper to those around you. As long as you help others, Allah will continue to support and help you.

Remember, whoever relies on Allah, Allah is sufficient for them (Quran, Surah At-Talaaq 65: Verse 3). Allah also aids His servants when they help their fellow human beings (Hadith, Sahih Muslim).

Let us pray to Allah to protect us from worry, grief, laziness, and other hardships and to grant us strength and contentment. May Allah guide us to live a life of faith, compassion, and reliance on Him. Ameen.

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