Thursday 23 April 2015

True love and Abu Bakr

Growing up, I loved reading stories of love, from the desire of Bilqees for Yusuf AS to the love of Yaqoob AS for his son Yusuf AS. The stories were endless and created a desire in me to know this feeling.
In the books of this world, this great emotion is treated quite unfairly – it is given the understanding of external beauty and physical closeness. Yet the stories of the Prophets and Companions show us a love that superseded the physical and was based entirely on the aakhirah. Love that never fades, love that increases you in piety and love that protects your from the harms of your very self.
One such example of this intense emotion lies in the story of Abu Bakr RA. During the historical journey of the emigration from Makkah to Madina we saw his never ending support and encouragement to the Holy Prophet SAW. During this time of fear and tiresome journey, Abu Bakr RA says, I was extremely thirsty and went to fetch some milk, and as I came back I said ‘Drink oh Prophet of Allah! And the Holy Prophet drank to his
full until he was quenched. Subahaanallah, such a love, his thirst set aside for in the quenching of the beloved Rasool, all other thirsts are quenched.
This love allowed Abu Bakr RA to leave his children penniless and this love caused him to cry in abundance at the conquest of Makkah. When his father Abu Quhaafa finally accepts Islam, all the Muslims are happy, whilst As Sideeq weeps. The Muslims in shock ask him : “Today is a day of happiness , your father has accepted Islam and is saved from the fire so
what is making you cry?!”
Ponder at the reply of Abu Bakr RA, ponder at the level of love that makes a man sad on the very day his own flesh and blood accepts Islam. He says: “I am crying because my desire is that the person who accepted Islam now is not my father but Abu Talib , the uncle of my beloved Prophet, as this would have made the Holy Prophet more happy. Allahu Akbar!
Such a love that demands selflessness, and has a connection beyond the needs of the body, soul and heart…”
This love that was not based on features or favours, allowed Abu Bakr to stand up when even the mighty Umar Al Khattab was shaken with grief.
At the death of the Holy Prophet SAW, with the hurt of losing his beloved friend, his spiritual guide and husband of his daughter passing away. Abu Bakr RA’s heart becomes strong and he stands firm and says : Whoever worshipped Muhammad, then He has passed away but whoever has worshipped Allah, so verily He is alive and will not die.
Amazing! At a time when you would expect him to be crumbling, we see the true strength of his love for the beloved Nabi SAW. And that is the love that every believer has to strive for, a love that allows him to be strong in the face of adversity, a love that moves beyond lip service, a love that allows you to sacrifice your every breath…
Oh Allah grant us your true love, the love of your Beloved Prophets and the actions of those who truly love you… Ameen

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